Steps to Handle Slip and Fall Cases in New York with Personal Injury Lawyer

Premises liability is a strong case of negligence and failure to perform the responsibilities of maintenance activities by the owner. The incident can be caused by fatally inclined floors, broken tiles, liquids on floor, lack of safety railings, harmful objects on floor and other obstructions. If you are the victim of such an incident in private property or public places you are eligible for filing the lawsuit. Your first priority will be to file the police complaint immediately and get the incident report from them. This approach will also help you in getting the initial evidences (ex: – photographs of the location and your injuries), witnesses’ statements etc. Seek emergency medical help and get the diagnosis and tests performed on the injured organ. They help in identifying the cause and determining the intensity of injury.

Slip and Fall

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Identify the Condition and Causes

The condition in the slip and fall incident site is an important parameter that determines the liability factor. Your lawyer will be able to do it in an efficient and flawless manner. You need to remember that the defense lawyer will also be in the hunt for evidences to disprove your lawyer’s case. In such cases the time of investigation assumes the role of the most important parameter. The earlier you contact your personal injury lawyer, the better are your chances of getting the deserved justice.

It is important that your lawyer gets the forensic analysis supported by building safety inspectors, statements from the tenants in the building and the forensic experts. The diagnosis and treatment reports from your hospital are the other important documents for his investigation. They help in identifying the exact surface conditions and the most probable causes for the slip and fall incident.

Expressive Evidences

Your lawyer visits the incident site immediately after you formalize the case of lawsuit with him. Hence you need to show hurriedness in contacting him after filing the police complaint. If you are able to do it on the same day- same time, the probability of the premises owner manipulating the site conditions will be near to zero. This is considered to be highly critical for the following reason.

slip and fall

A lady buying groceries in the supermarket premises slipped and fell due to the uneven surface from a damaged tile on the floor. She was rushed to the hospital and she forgot to inform the police. Her lawyer came after 2 days to find the surface finely tiled with no traces of damage. Since there was no other circumstantial evidence or witness, he could not present her case in the court of law. She had to pay for all the medical expenses, suffer loss of income and stay bedridden for 15 days. This incident tells you a lot about the importance of immediate actions to be taken like the police complaint, contacting the personal injury lawyer and getting the attention with diagnosis and treatment reports.