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Developing an online business strategy for your brand and products can be simplified when you choose the services of Portland digital agency, for the effectiveness in getting faster ROI. There is a threshold period in the initial stages of your business establishment. This is the saturation point when sufficient trust is created among the potential consumers to visit your website and browse through the web pages. The numbers can increase gradually and reach a point where the traffic gets stabilized. The time between the start and this period depends on the strength of SEO and the visibility of website in the organic part of the search engine result pages (SERP).

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Engaging your audience in your campaigns is one of the most interesting ways in which you can make your business grow. At Portland digital agency, you can find plenty of such services related to blogs, forums, social networks, reviews and comments.

  • Personal Blogs: – The personal blogs from Portland digital agency, can have reader feedback and comments. The users are able to evaluate the quality and the relevance of content based on their reading experience. Make sure you have included case studies in the blogs to convince the users about the real time benefits of your products and services. You can avoid the direct mentioning of your brand name in the beginning and write about only the ingredients/parts in a generic manner. For example you can think of a health drink which contains ingredients like Neem, gooseberry, Aloe vera and natural flavors. You can create multiple articles about the characteristics and benefits of the ingredients for skin and the various internal organs. Conduct plenty of research from authority sites and shape your content. You can even afford to make the writing style match the thesis writing or medical journals. Support your statements with valid links to the authority sites. This will naturally pull in more number of visitors to the blogs. The experts at Portland digital agency, can also help in attracting the attention of the authority websites to your personal blogs. They start rating your websites in a professional manner. You can also include the results from your lab or user experiences in using the ingredients. Add user comments and feedback at appropriate places in the blogs. This will make the search engines take serious note of the quality writing in your blogs. Once they start rating your blogs higher, you can add a link to your website from the blogs. Now you start getting the benefits of increase in the traffic, enhanced user trust and increased probability of conversions.

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  • Forums: – Engaging the audience in the forums is one of the best ways of getting input from them in real time. The Portland digital agency, can help you by designing the most visible forums by connecting them to the social networks and the blogs. The readers who have gone through the blogs will naturally have higher opinions about the content. Hence you get most number of positive responses from them when they visit your website.