Let the Floor alone Re-define the Beauty of your House

Perth is located in Western Australia and floor sanding is one of the practices that is widely followed here. The process by which the top surfaces of the wooden floor is removed and sanded by abrasive materials is called floor sanding. Floor sanding Perth is being carried out by a variety of materials like timber, cork, particleboard. Parquet is also used sometimes.Though floor sanding by timber is the most common practice.

floor sanding perth

floor sanding perthProcess

The main processes involved in floor sanding Perthare listed below:

  • Preparation – the previous coverings must be fastened by staples andtacks. All nails that protrude above must be punched down. Or else they might damage the machine; the adhesives must also be removed as they interfere with the process. Wood floor need to be laid three to four days before sanding.
  • Sanding –old coatings are removed with the help of coarse grit papers so that the floor is flat. If there is any difference between the boards it is removed. A 40-grit paper is usually used in the floor sanding Perthprocess.
  • Coating –this is the last process. The floor must be coated properly. A protective sealant must be used. The sealant is allowed to dry for thirty minutes then a first coat is applied which is allowed to dry overnight. The buffs and all get covered after that the final coat is applied and then it is allowed to dry for 2 hours more. After that the floor is finished and the perfect look is ready. The workers should wear a respiratory mask.

Materials used

The most common materials used for floor sanding Perth are as follows:

  • Jarrah
  • Tasmanian oak
  • Bamboo
  • Marri
  • Black butt floorboards

floor sanding perthMachines

Specialized sanding machines are used to complete the process. Large 220-volt belt or drum sander is used to remove the material. An edge sanding machine is used to remove the edges, under cabinets, corners and stairs. Multi disc or sander is another kind of machine used for the final finish.


There are various advantages because of which floor sanding Perth has become so famous. Let us go through them once:

  • If your house is old and the covers of the previous floor is coming off then floor sanding is the best option available to you. It gives a new look to your house.
  • It makes the house look decorative and aesthetic
  • It breaks the monotony of the normal kinds of floor and make the house look different and unique.
  • The maintenance and cleaning is also very easy. It tends not to hold much dust
  • It gives you great value while selling your home.
  • Floor sanding Perth is a very versatile method. It adapts to different shapes and colors


Before switching to floor sanding Perth, the following dis advantages must be considered:

  • The cost is very high at tops the list of dis advantages. The high cost is due to the quality of the material. Expert installing the floor also charge very high. Thus, the overall cost increases.
  • Hardwood floors do not absorb light and heat thus they are very cold. It is a problem if carpets are not used. They are also very strict and hard.
  • Whenever you walk a noise is caused which causes a lot of problem and might disturb you at case.