10 Cute Gift Ideas For Kids And Babies 2017

10 Cute Gift Ideas For Kids And Babies 2017

Kids are the real happiness of a home. They always keep the whole house bright with their innocent naughtiness. Everyone enjoys their company because kids are innocent as angels and whatever you do they get happy in an instance.

Cute Gift Ideas For Kids

Same goes for the babies, who in the world does not like a child laughing and trying to walk and talk. We all love them a lot.

Kids are also a part of a family; in fact, they are the ones who make a family. Kids love toys and babies well, anything chewable will do haha! For more gift ideas, visit giftbeta.com.

1. Color Book+Crayons- Kids

A color book with various cartoons in them, kids love to fill colors in such things. A pack of crayons along with color book will be the perfect gift for Him/Her on their birthday or Christmas.

2. Pacifier – WubbaNub Tabby Kitten- Babies

These little guys are super cute and perfect for children. Their lovely design will keep the baby entertained as well. These will be hard to loose because of their unique design you can find them anywhere in the house.

3. Teddy Bears

The gift is suitable for both kids and babies. The girls will love it a lot. Girls love teddy bears.

And boys also love teddy bears but in a different way. A girl will cuddle the cute thing, and the kid will play royal rumble with the sweet thing. It is A beautiful gift for them.

4. Bow Knit Hat- Babies

The bow knit hat is warm and soft. A perfect fit on the babies soft little head. It will keep him warm and comfy. The knit hat looks adorable on the kids.

5. Good Night Story Book

Every little kid loves a bedtime story. They enjoy hearing a story before going to sleep. It makes them happy plus grows their imagination.

A storybook about any fairy tail with a happy ending is the best story book. A lovely gift for the kids.

6. Baby Blanket

The Little Movers Baby Blanket is soft, warm, comfy and looks nice. Children need to dry quickly after a bath so they might not catch a cold. Here, This blanket comes in handy; it is the perfect one for your gentle baby like a flower.

7. Lego Mini Figures- Kids

Lego mini figures are toys fun to play. Kids will create a different type of stuff from the little blocks.

8. Deluxe Boppy¬ģ Pillow

A perfect pillow for your baby. The pillow is soft and round, so it will keep your child’s head comfortable all the time he takes a nap.

9. ABC Blocks

Kids love to put stuff on top of things and so on. These building blocks will not be a source of enjoyment for them but education as well. Kids will love to play around with these.

10. Wool Booties

Booties for you little boy/girl made out of wool. These are a nice present for kids. These booties are perfect of indoor roaming. They will keep their feet safe and sound plus comfy.