How to Create Doctors Notes for Missing Work

fake doctors note
The art of creating doctors notes for missing work can be mastered within a few minutes of browsing on the internet. However this is a powerful tool which needs to be used sparingly. If you try to use it excessively in your workplace, you may find your job missing one fine day! The frequency of usage depends on the volume of contribution you make during your working days. There are employees who work 5 days and generate 3 days worth output. You can also find employees who work 5 days and generate 10 days worth output. If you can work for 5 days and generate 15 days worth output, the doctors notes for missing work can be used more frequently.

Need of Doctors Notes for Missing Work

Working @ 18 hours a day for 5 days in three months you are able to outsmart most of your colleagues. You boss is so happy that he announces a raise for you in the next three months. You go home and start partying for the next two days. Monday morning hangover is so heavy that you decide to take a “French leave” and have some more to beat the blues of hangover. This could extend to Tuesday night. By Wednesday you start getting frantic calls from your office. This is one “situation” when you need doctors notes for missing work. You might come across many more of such situations as you start growing in the company.

  • It is obvious that you can’t mention hangover as the reason for missing work. Hence you need other strong reasons for justifying your absence. Body ache and fever are the most apt reasons which you can mention. Now you need a physician who is treating you for your illness.
  • A search in the physicians’ online directory can give you a long list. Choose someone whom you can meet in case of emergency and fill the details in the doctors notes for missing work. Then you can enter the illness and related treatments in the remarks column. Take a print and carry it to your office by Wednesday afternoon. Make sure your breath doesn’t stink of hangover. Your task is complete.

Benefits of Fake Doctors Note

doctors notes for missing workMissing school too frequently could land you in unexpected trouble. This is when the magic wand of fake doctors note can rescue you from the mess and give credibility for the reasons you give for missing school.

  • You can get lots of templates for fake doctors note online. You need to choose the most appropriate one and download it int your computer. Make sure it is not in read only format.
  • Open the template using a word processor application. Now you can make the necessary changes and take a print. Carry it with you when you go to school next day. You can present this to your school principal.
  • Utilization frequency of the fake doctors note has to be limited within the tolerance limits of your school authorities to keep you safe from getting into trouble.