Successful Fat Loss with Zero Side Effects

One of the biggest hurdles for your program of fat loss is your own inconsistency in following the chosen method. Lack of proper plan and guidance can lead to inconsistency and poor results. Sometimes you give up the efforts half way due to lack of motivation. Once these factors are set right you can consistently work on the fat loss programs to get successful results. Here are a few tips for making it happen.

Fat Loss with Zero Side Effects

Plan Your Fat Loss Program

There are no shortcuts to lose weight. Even if they exist, they can create havoc in your metabolism with their negative side effects. So the recommended method is regular workout with effective antioxidant diet. For this you need to have a specific time bound plan.

  • Schedule your daily workout. Early morning times are recommended to get positive results. Avoid overdoing the workout. You may start with 15 minutes of workout and slowly extend it to 30 minutes. This will help in conditioning your body and mind for the schedule. If you are forced to skip your morning schedule for a day or two, reschedule it to the evening session. Don’t give up.
  • Plan the calories for your breakfast, lunch and supper. If you are overweight, avoid between meal snacks. You can opt for antioxidant fruit juices instead. Pomegranate, watermelon, tender coconut water or simply pure water can help in dissolving fat.
  • Use an effective fat analyzer to measure the percentage of fat in your body every day. This will help you determine the effectiveness of your fat loss program. If you are not getting the desired results, you may need to change the workout routine, diet pattern or both.
  • Opt for simple workout techniques unless you wish to build your muscles and develop an athletic physique. Sprint jogging and brisk walk can help burn more calories.
  • Avoid working out in an empty stomach. You can eat a couple of sandwiches and drink a glass of pomegranate juice 30 minutes before the workout. This will provide the source of energy to workout.

Measurement of Fat Percentage

Regular workout can reduce the fat percentage in your body in stages. The burnt fat gets converted into waste water, carbon and energy.  Water and carbon get eliminated while energy is used to enhance metabolism and muscle toning.

  • The fat analyzer can help in measuring the fat percentage in your body accurately. You can find many such devices with simple operating methods.
  • You may opt for herbal preparations at home to enhance fat burning process. Neem powder, Aloe Vera, ginger and garlic can be helpful. You may also get readymade herbal products from online stores.
  • The workout and diet should be oriented to burning toxic and harmful fat only. You need to retain essential fatty acids like omega3 and omega 6 to improve your physical health. Once you are able to take care of this aspect, your fat loss program is bound to be a success within the stipulated time. Regular monitoring of fat percentage can help you make changes as required.